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Visiting Saunton Sands

Neil Murray went to Saunton Sands, the AMOLAD beach:

I was at Ilfracombe in late October and paid a couple of visits to Saunton Sands, and took some photos, which I'm happy for you to use on the site (or not, as you like!). Saunton Sands is very long, as you know, and the southern end, which may well be where most of the filming was done, to be away from buildings and other signs of civilisation, was too far in the freezing wind for me to trek to, and I didn't really have the time.

The photos taken up high from the coast road which leads to Croyde show the size of Saunton Sands, and are probably near where the camera would have been placed for the long shots of the beach.

The Burrows in real life are the grass-covered sand-dunes behind the beach, part of which appear to be used for military purposes according to the Ordnance Survey map. It's possible that with lots of time, one could find the location of the house that's seen in the distance where June lives, which is likely to be somewhere to the southeast of the beach itself. Perhaps it's one of the houses or farms on the map enclosed which I've cobbled together from Ordnance Survey maps on the web.

There are 1940s maps of the UK collected together at New Popular Edition Maps

However, the scale doesn't give quite enough detail to show individual houses to see whether things have changed since then. Might be a useful resource for checking other locations, though.

Hope this is of interest!

Best wishes,
Neil Murray

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