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A British Gentleman from Miskolc
13 September 2009

László Baksa reported:

Kevin Macdonald talks to the Hungarians
In this Sept. here was held a Filmfestival for young filmmakers (8 days long) named: Cinemis Festival.

It's one of the main and succesful event: a workshop on the life and activity in filmbusiness of Emeric Pressburger. Titled: An English Gentleman from Miskolc.

In that days Kevin McDonald (grandson) was here in Budapest (shot a film there) and he was invited to this festival. He and some experts, filmcriticals talked abot Pressburger's life.

After this me a Gabriella talk to him (KMcD) about the activity of Miskolc Brit-Hungarian Club contact with that works to show the life of E.Pressburger here in Miskolc. He was very happy about this.

Later about 4.30pm we went to the Pressburger's House and put a wreath on behalf the BHC (its a shame, but no one invited us but Gabriella and me were there)Kevin knew that we will be there. He was very kind with us (gave to Gabriella his email address and we will send him fresh news if there would be any information contact with the uncle Pressy story)

There were the Major of Miskolc, the Vice Chancellor of Miskolc University, the representative of the Festival, local TV... etc. filmcriticals from Budapest. Shortly this hapenned.

Later I tried to send photos on this. (I always has technikal difficulties sending photos, sorry)

My best wishes to you, ciao László

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