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Neal Lofthouse's trips around London
December 2000

Neal Lofthouse has made various trips around London photographing P&P related locations.

Denham Studios
(Not taken by Neal)

Being built

... and being demolished

Denham Studios
(Neal's pictures of Denham as it is now)
The main site is now occupied by Broadwater Park
You can visit their website and take a virtual tour at

Former Rank nee Denham Film Laboratories

One of the old buildings

Looking north

Looking South
Both of these are taken from the main gate
(as seen in IKWIG)

Colonel Blimp

Park Lane, Upper Grosvenor Street.

We see the trucks going passed this point just after Spud says "I know a couple of shortcuts after Marble Arch". They have of course already gone past Marble Arch and turned left at this point to Grosvenor Square.

Grosvenor Square (North side)

"Get the other trucks to close up"

Berkley Square (Northern corner)

"Blast that taxi!"

Piccadilly, St James Street

Looking towards Piccadilly Circus. We see this later on just after "Break it up chaps" as the car turns right.

139 Park Lane
(Entrance in North Row)

Home Guard HQ

139 Park Lane
(Entrance in North Row)

Home Guard HQ


Ascot Court, Grove End Road, NW8

Emeric's home from 1938 - 1942
(Top floor appt with balcony)

54 Eaton Square

Emeric's home from 1954 - 1965
(The blue plaque is for Vivien Leigh. Soon, we hope, to be joined by one for Emeric)

72 Eaton Square

Robert Helpmann's flat. Michael Powell used to go firewatching on the roof with Bobby.

65A Chester Square

Michael Powell's home during the war

Other P&P trips