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Peeping Tom at the Curzon
13 November 2010

Well that was another fun adventure - to see PT at the Curzon Soho with Martin Scorsese and others being interviewed on stage, talking about the film.

I met up with Andy Moor & Leïla Wimmer outside and then shortly after that with Columba Powell & Lisa. When we went inside we also met up with Thelma, Francine Stock (presenter of The Film Programme and other interesting things on BBC Radio 4). Also with Eddie McMillan & Bryan Hawkins from Canterbury Christ Church.

After a bit of chatting with them and with other people we went down to the theatre itself. I've been to the Curzon for quite a few other events, it's a very nice place. Their main screen, where we were, seats about 250 people and it looked to be full up. It has a nice big screen and it's always best to see these films on as big a screen as possible.

Francine introduced the main event - Peeping Tom with a bit of branding at the start for Optimum. Lots of laughter during the funny bits (of which there are quite a few) but a deathly hush during the more serious and dramatic bits. The usual stunned silence at the end then a round of applause.

A few chairs were set up on stage and Francine introduced Marty, Thelma, Columba and Anna Massey who had also come along. She pointed out that in the audience were also Noreen Ackland (editor of PT and other Powell films), Elena Marks, widow of Leo, Moira's daughter Rachel and granddaughter Eleanor.

An interesting interview and discussion, parts of which will be broadcast on The Film Programme. Columba & Anna talking about their memories of making the film and all of them talking about many other aspects of it.

They didn't have time for the Q&A which was a shame. So we all made our way back out. On the way out I said hello to Noreen. She's physically frail but still bright and sharp inside that frail body.

A farewell & thank-you to Thelma, Marty, Columba & the others and then Andy, Le´la & I went looking for a bit of refreshment. We found it first at The French House on Dean Street, haunt of many a Soho reprobate before us but always an interesting place. Then for a bite to eat at the Tokyo Diner in Newport Place.

After that, a pleasant wander through the busy streets of London on a Saturday night - always entertaining, and we finally split up as I got the tube back home

What a fun adventure

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