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David Lean Cinema, Croydon - 8 April 2011

Well that was a fun evening, at the Croydon Clocktower and the David Lean cinema.

They were showing TRS & AMOLAD (hence the subject) and had asked me to introduce them both and do a Q&A afterwards, which I did willingly and easily as Croydon is only about 30 minutes away from me.

It's a "bijou" cinema which seats 68 people. Quite well appointed and a decent sized screen with a good sound system. Such a shame that the short sighted council have decided to pull the grant that was helping to run it.

A good turn out for a Friday evening with the place about 3/4 full

I kept the introductions short, just giving some information about the background to each film. Mentioning a few pertinent things that were happening in the world at the time and how the films came to be made. I thought it best not to say much about the contents of the films, I didn't want to tell them what to think about them.

A very friendly crowd and we were joined by Tipu who's over here for the weekend

The introductions:

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