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IKWIG 60th Anniversary
28 - 31 November 2005

Submitted by Emma Biggins:

60th anniversary of I Know Where I'm Going
The Oban Times; 17 November 2005

Written by (but not credited to) Nicolas Maclean

   Mull has played host to a 60th anniversary celebration of one of the world's best loved films and a masterpiece of cinema.
   I Know Where I'm Going by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger is included in critic Barry Norman's list of 100 greatest films and leading US director Martin Scorsese counts the film as one of his formative influences.
   The film was mainly shot on Mull and also at Denham Studios, in 1944 and 1945.
   The three-day commemoration took place on Mull at the initiative of Robert Beveridge, Lecturer at the School of Communication Arts, Napier University, Edinburgh, supported by Steve Crook, Head of the Powell and Pressburger Appreciation Society (PaPAS) and Vivien and Paul Thomson, proprieters of the Western Isles Hotel, Tobermory, which was one of the locations for the film.
   Over 40 fans took part in the celebrations, some came from as far afield as New Zealand and Tasmania, Connecticut and Hollywood in the USA.
   Many people also came from across the UK and other parts of Argyll connected with the making of the film as well as Mull, such as Jimmy Robb, Katie Turner and Allan MacInnes.
   Highlights of the weekend were the Western Isles Hotel welcome with the famous Gin and Dubonnet cocktails; thunderous applause after the re-showing of the film on a large screen and huge interest in Hessie and Ronnie Gordon's photographic album of the making of the film at the then Pennycross House and Carsaig Pier at Lochbuie, thanks to Jim Corbett.
   The weekend also included a tour of Moy Castle with Tom Mangnall and Jimmy Robb and a re-enactment at the entrance by Val Simpson as Joan Webster and Nicolas Maclean of Pennycross as Kiloran.
   No tour would be complete without a visit to the famous telephone box by a waterfall outside of Carsaig House and the sadly neglected pier where seals played.
   Cleodi Mazur showed spontaneous Highland hospitality at Inniemore Lodge with tea, cakes, warmth and a chance to dry out.
   Also most memorable were Robert Beveridge's lecture and seminar in the Kiloran Room at the Western Isles Hotel and a final visit to the Sorne Castle of the film which is Duart Castle in real life, where the visitors were welcomed by Andrew and June Saul on behalf of the Chief.
   If you missed this one don't worry there are plans for the next anniversary and reunion on the Society's website:

Fans of I Know Where I'm Going outside Moy Castle, Lochbuie, with Tom Mangnall, left and Jimmy Robb and Robert Beveridge on the right.

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