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IKWIG 65th Anniversary Weekend

15th - 17th October 2010, Mull

By: Steve Crook

The IKWIG Quiz

  1. How much did Joan pay to bribe Kenny?
  2. How much were the radio phone calls to Kiloran?
  3. What is a fèileadh beag (philabeg)?
  4. How long had the Campbells been married?
  5. What were the names of the dogs that appeared at the Robinson's?
  6. Who cursed Moy Castle?
  7. How far would Catriona swim for £20?
  8. What were the 3 ropes made from?
  9. What sort of rabbit dish was served at Erraig?
  10. How old is Torquil?
  11. Which company does Joan work for?
  12. How old is Joan?
  13. How does Catriona feed her dogs?
  14. How much money does "Daddy darling" give Joan?
  15. Where had Daddy come from?
  16. How much leave has Torquil got, after how long away?
  17. How old is Kenny?
  18. How old is Bridie?
  19. What happens if you count the beams?
  20. Who is the famous sister of the actress playing Bridie?
  21. Who is Catriona married to?
  22. Who was first intended to play Torquil?
  23. Why couldn't Roger go to Mull?
  24. Who was first intended to play Joan?
  25. Why was that a coincidental substitution?
  26. What did Torquil suggest happened to the wedding dress?
  27. Where does the name Kiloran come from?
  28. What hasn't Catriona heard for ages
  29. The song "I Know Where I'm Going" is a traditional folk song, but in which country?
  30. What was the "round" sung at the Ceildhe?

How many can you answer? You're on your honour to mark them correctly. At the Western Isles we just gave people about a minute to think about each one before reading out the next question.

When you've answered as many as you can you can look at the answers.

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