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A Celebration of This Well Loved Mull Film

I was a bit late getting there, but nowhere near as late as in 2010. I flew from Heathrow to Glasgow, picked up a hired car in Glasgow, drove to Oban. Then I took the car on the ferry to Mull and I drove to the hotel.

But the plane was delayed. They had to change it to another plane before we boarded. So I got to Oban just in time to see the ferry I was booked on setting sail! But that's not much of a problem, they let me on the next ferry 2 hours later.

On the Friday at the Western Isles we started with the obligatory gin & Dubonnet (urgh) and lots of chat, saying hello to old friends and introducing ourselves to new friends.

Colin & Cattie (Catriona Maclaine) from Tasmania were there (they had been there in 2005), as were Flo & Mike McBride from Yale (from 2005 & 2010)

After a brief introduction by Robert he handed over to Prof Charles Barr who gave us an illustrated talk about "Discovering The Archers". We then watched the film.

Saturday dawned bright & clear, sunny & not too cold or windy. We visited Moy Castle (braving the curse to go inside), Carsaig House & the pier. Moy Castle has had a lot of funding (but they always need more) and they've done a lot of work on it. There has been some work done on the pier but a lot more is needed. But the phone box is in a very sorry state - we'll be writing to British Telecom about it.

We also visited a few other places connected to the Maclaine clan or of general interest. We met Jimmy Robb again, probably the last surviving person who worked with the crew on Mull (Petula Clark never went to Mull)

Another fine meal and we settled down to watch the edited highlights of the video that Flo had shot on our previous weekends. But the technology let us down so I took over with the Great IKWIG Quiz. 37 questions about the film, some of them very obscure. The winners did very well to get 30.5 and were rewarded with a lovely bottle of wine.

On Sunday it was another fine day and after breakfast we had the rest of Flo's edited highlights. Then I gave a brief presentation about the Blue Plaque for P&P

I had to leave then to get the car back to Glasgow in time for the flight back to London (planes don't wait if you're late) while the rest of the gang went off to see Duart Castle (Castle of Sorne)

Another great weekend


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