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The Shropshire Star

Thursday, May 9th, 2002

VIP guest wants to meet the local stars

By Toby Neal     The son of legendary British director Michael Powell is to attend a special showing in Shropshire of Powell and Pressburger's movie Gone to Earth - and is keen to meet the local "stars" who appeared as extras over 50 years ago.

    He will also be joining members of the Mary Webb Society to take a nostalgic walk at one of the locations in the county [The Baptist Chapel at Lord's Hill] used by his late father in the making of the film. The Hollywood [?] film starring Jennifer Jones was largely made on location in Shropshire in 1949 using scores of local extras.

    It is being shown at the Priory Hall in Much Wenlock on May 26 as part of the Much Wenlock festival celebrations.

    "My contact in the Powell and Pressburger Appreciation Society, Steve Crook, will be there, along with Michael Powell's son, Columba", said Liz Stamps of the Mary Webb Society.

    "He would be particularly interested in meeting any locals who were involved in the film.

    "We are trying to persuade him to say a few words before the film.

    "He will be joining members of the Mary Webb Society earlier in the day for a walk up to Lordshill."

    Gone to Earth, an adaptation of Shropshire author Mary Webb's novel, was released in 1950. Much of the filming had been done on location in the Much Wenlock and Snailbeach areas. Much Wenlock Museum is staging an exhibition on the making of the film, running to May 28. [Extended to the end on June]

    "Martha Ledgard at the museum is compiling the exhinition of memorabilia and has quite a lot of material from the Much Wenlock area, but would like to appeal for pictures in the Snailbeach area who were involved in the filming." added Liz.

    Meanwhile the Powell and Pressburger Appreciation Society has released a list of the extras who appeared in the film.

It's time to unearth the local cast list

    Were you or a relative involved in the filming of Gone to Earth over 50 years ago? Check out this list of names of the extras to see if there's anyone you know. [List of names of extras taken from programme of GTE premiere in Shropshire by Nick Dando.

    Bernard Alderson, Miss M. Alderson, Doreen Anson, Ian Ashley, Betty Bebb, Bryan Bebb, H. Bebb, Mrs. E. Beckett, W. Beckett, W. Bishop, J. Bowden, Mrs. M. Boyce, Peter Boyington, J. A. Bradford, Judy Bradford, Mrs. J. Bradford, Barbara Brickwell, G H. Bruckshaw, Mrs. D. Bryan, Mrs. I. Bullock, Valerie Bullock, Mrs. B. Burbage, Diana Chadd, Valerie Chadd.

    A. Childs, J. Childs, Kathleen M. Childs, Mrs. I. Childs, Mrs. K. Childs, Mrs. O. Childs, Mrs. I. L. Chillcott, Miss R. Clifford, Mrs. G. Coffey, Anne Connell, Joan Cooke, Anne Cookson, Brenda Cookson, Dorothy Cookson, James Cookson, Bryan Corbett, G. Corbett, J. J. Corbett, Mrs. G. Corbett, Thomas Craig, Count Csaky, H. L. Cunningham, Miss L. Dalby, Mrs. E. I. Davidson, Edgar Davies, Mary Davies, Mr. K. Davies, Mrs. Noel Davies, Mrs. O. Davies, W. Edgar Davies, S. Docwra, John Dodd, John Downes, R. V. Downes, W. E. Downes, Miss D. Duckett, Miss J. Duckett, Mrs. H. Edge, Valerie Edge, Joan Edwards, Mrs. E. M. Edwards, Mrs. P. I. Edwards, Ann Endley, Billy Endley, J. Endley, John Endley, Mrs. J. Endley.

    Ruth Endley, G.M. Evans, Mrs. A. N. Evans, Norah Evans, Mrs. W. Farrer, Miss P. Fenn, Mrs. A. G. T. Fenn, Evelyn Firmstone, Mrs. M. Firmstone, Hon. Christine Forester, Brian Francis, Hazel Francis, Mrs. A. F. Francis, Mrs. B. Francis, Sybil Francis, Tom Gainham, Maureen Ganley, Mrs. G. M. Ganley, Bob Garrett, John Garrett, Lorraine Giles, Mrs. J. Giles, Mrs. E. M. Grainger, A. Gregory, Mrs. E V. Gregory, Sheila Gregory, J. Griffiths, Mrs. I. Griffiths, Miss M. Gwilliam, Christine Haddon, E. G. Haddon, Gillian Haddon, Mrs. N. P. Haddon, Valerie Haddon, Miss P. Hampson, Jean Hanson, John Hatchman, Miss B. Hatchman.

    Mrs. V. Hatchman, Jacqueline Hathaway, B. Hayward, E. Higgs, Dorothy Hollinshead, Margaret Hollinshead, Pat Horsefield, Eileen Hughes, Margaret Hughes, J. Johnson, Mrs. J. Johnson, R. A. Jones, S. Jones, Tom Jones, Miss F. Judd, Mrs. L. Keyworth, Anne Kinsella, Jose Kinsella, H. E. Knight, C. Kyte, D. C. Kyte, L. Lancaster, Enoch Langford, Mrs. F. K. Langford, Gordon Lewis, Edward Licsauer, A. J. Lloyd, Joseph Lloyd, Mrs. J. Lloyd, Pamela Lloyd.

     June Lockett, Edward Longland, Margaret A. Longland, B. Luscott, J. Maiklem, D. Makgill, Mrs. J. C. Martin, Avis Massie, Freda Massie, Mrs. F. Massie, Alan Matthews, Judith Matthews, Richard Matthews, Miss P. Mitchell, G. A. Monk, Charlie Moore, Charlie Moore Jnr, J. Moore, Jim Moore, Mrs. M. Moore, Mrs. S. Moore, Jean Morgan, Mrs. M. E. Morgan, S. Morris, E. Mortimer, J. W. Moseley, Mr. (Minsterley) Moseley, Priscilla Moseley, Gillian Nicklin.

     Beryl Northwood, Fay Northwood, Mrs. F. Northwood, A. J. Norton, Mrs. A. J. Norton, Maureen O'connell, M. E. Oliver, Clive. Palmer, Ivor C. Palmer, F. Parton, James Parton, Peter Parton, Barry Phillips, W. Phillips, Jean Pinches, Mrs. L. Pitcher, John Pitwell, Mrs. B. Preece, T. Prestwood, H. E. Ravenscroft, Miss G. Read, Josephine Reece, Ann Rennison, H. Reynolds, I. Reynolds, Miss A. Reynolds.

     Miss A. Richards, Mrs. J. Richards, R. W. Rivers, Roger Rochelle, G. Rowe, N. Rowlands, Miss B. Sankey, Ann Saywood, C. W. Shaw, Colin Shaw, Miss L. Shaw, A. Smith, Diana Smith, E. D. Smith, Elizabeth Smith, K. G. V. Smith, Michael Smith, Mrs. E. M. Smith, R. G. V. Smith, Miss J. South, Peter South, C. F. Stentiford, Mrs. C. F. Stentiford, D. B. (M. F. H.) Stephens, Michael Stephenson, Edward Surman, Mrs. Sutton, C. V. Take, Percy Tarbuck, Jean Thomas, J. Thompson, Mrs. E. Thompson, Mrs. J. Thompson, Mrs. Joan Thompson, Robinetta Thompson, Joan Tipton, Mr. T. H. Tipton, Mrs. E. H. Tipton.

     Mrs. A. Townsend, P. Tranter, Miss J. Vow, Miss G. Wall, Mrs. G. Wall, Robin Wall, Tony Wall, Miss L. E. Weale, David Wilkes, Graham Wilkes, Mrs. E. Wilkes, Mrs. J. Wilkes, Glyn Williams, R. Wimby, Mr. F. Withers, Mrs. F. Withers, W. Woodhall, H. Woodhouse, Janet Woodvine, H. S. Woodworth, Alec Worsley, Mrs. A. Worsley, Miss J. Wyse, Mrs. C. F. Wyse, F. W. Yates, Janet Yates, Mrs. I. Yates, Mrs. V. Yates, Susan Yates.

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