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Dedicated to the work of Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger and all the other people, both actors and technicians who helped them make those wonderful films.

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Fascinating trivia (and any goofs) connected with the film

- We see all 3 of the Royal Navy ships at cruising stations.
Then the nearest ship starts flashing the Aldis (signalling) lamp towards us (the camera).
Who are they meant to be signalling?

- Ships used in the film:

- When Captain Dove is first brought aboard the Graf Spee, the anti-aircraft gunners are wearing US-pattern steel helmets, not the German "coal-scuttle" design. This is noticeable in various other scenes as well, and is due to the fact that the Graf Spee is being played by the USS Salem.

- The US Navy was quite happy to let the USS Salem portray the Graf Spee but drew the line when Powell wanted to have the large swastika on the foredeck. In fact all shots with the wartime German flag and other Nazi insignia was filmed on British ships.

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