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ACT Location Walk, Fordwich, 27st August 2017

The 2017 'A Canterbury Tale' walk began at the Fordwich courthouse and then moved on to the Colpeper Institute, the homes of the boy actors, the entrance to Fordwich Farm and ended at the 'George and Dragon' or the 'Hand of Glory'.

About 15 people attended and I would like to thank Sue Pritchard for providing a short talk on 1940's dress and their materials and the observation regarding Alison's shirt that she was wearing in the courthouse scene.

Take a look at the film as see she was wearing a shirt with her name embroidered on it and could it be it was from her days selling garden furniture in that hot sweaty London store before she came to Chillingbourne? Sue has also offered to present a copy of the February 1944 Picture Post including an article about the film to the Fordwich court museum on behalf of the Powell - Pressburger Appreciation Society.

My thanks go to all of the actors for the playlets, as usual you did a magnificent job, and thanks to you all for your understanding towards your stand in guide.

My personal thanks also go to Steve Crook for allowing me the privilege of being your guide and to John and the kindly man from Bedford for the photographs. I hope to see you all next year at Chilham and please remember to take a piece of Chillingbourne home in your heart - t's a safe place for us in this dangerous world.

Photos from the walk (Thanks John)

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